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"What do you mean I owe you one?!"
Lightning was standing in the bathroom, getting everything ready for her bath, all of which she had brought over in her bag.  "Basically, you caused my clothes to get all stained, so that way I see it, you are responsible for getting them cleaned."
"Why do you want to use my shower?!"
"It's closer than my place is."
"Yeah but—"
Lightning unbuttoning her shirt cut off Hope, and the boy stood with his eyes wide open, gawking with bewilderment.
"What are you doing?!"
"What else?  Getting undressed.  Stop being stupid."
She turned around and threw the dress shirt at Hope's head, he let it stay there, knowing full well there was a naked girl on the other side of the cloth.  He didn't want to see what would happen if he even caught a glimpse of her body.  "But why are you so matter of fact about this?!  It's MY house!  MY—"
Hope never finished, as soon as he started his last sentence the door slammed right in his face.  Would he ever get his point across?

The shower could be heard downstairs, where Hope was doing his homework at his father's desk.  Papers and books were scattered about the desktop, all in a rather organized manner.
Hope was secretly hoping to let loose some steam from earlier.  The girl named Lightning, or so she called herself, had literally spilled into his life and he was unable to stop her.  Sure, he had spilled milk on her, but that had obviously been an accident.
Hope pinched the bridge of his nose, trying very hard to concentrate on his studies, but the pink haired woman kept with his thoughts all the while he worked.  Her sudden appearance in his life just baffled his mind.
"Why does she have to be here—"
As if life had not  been screwing with him enough, Hope felt a hand on his shoulder, "You have no clean towels, Hope.  Know where I can get one?"
The sixteen year old turned his head, and was immediately introduced to the deep cleavage of Lightning's chest, nearly hidden by an oversized dress shirt.
His face went red as he looked  up at Lightning, whose hair was dripping and damp, like she had just run downstairs from the shower.
"Um…you sure?  There should have been a few hanging on the edge of the stall," Hope said, trying to keep eye contact with Lightning, lest he suffer a wrath worse than a strike of lightning.
"Obviously not," Lightning replied.
Geez…she's incorrigible!  Hope turned back to the desk, pulling out the Language Arts book, and went to the page marked.  And he did not like it at all.
Romeo and Juliet…
A deep sigh came from Hope's mouth, and Lightning was kneeling over his shoulder, "What are you doing?"
"Researching, I have a report to write on this," Hope said, just before he felt something soft on his left shoulder.  He didn't even have to guess what it was, nor did he have to look.  The mere thought of doing that made him even more uncomfortable than he already was.  He also easily figured out that she wasn't wearing a bra under that shirt either, judging by how soft she was.
"Maybe I could help, I aced it when I was in your grade," Lightning said
Hope sighed, "You aced this?"
The woman nodded, "Highest marks in class."
"Then I'll be happy to have you help me," he said.
The two talked and such about the story, characters, and everything else Hope had trouble with.  And he wasn't disappointed with Lightning's teaching, as she did indeed know everything.
"So, why do you have so much trouble with this story?" Lightning asked, puzzled.
Hope closed his eyes, "anything involving romance and I get all flustered.  I've had a sucky love life, well, more like nonexistant love life."
"Ahhh...I had a boyfriend once," Lightning said
"Really?  How'd that go?"
"He sucked."
Hope was quite dumbfounded, "oh."
"But let me give you advice: don't hesitate when you have to confess, it makes things ten times more complicated.  When you want to do something or say something, just do it.  Who knows, you might just hit the jackpot," Lightning said.
"Wow…thanks, I'll remember that."
"Welcome," Lightning replied, still hovering over Hope's left shoulder.  Her hair was slightly more dry than before, but her shirt was damp.  
"So, when do you plan to go home?"
"Eager to get rid of me?"
Hope wanted to scream yes, but thought that would be too rude considering what she had just done for him.  So, he kept quiet about it.
"If you must know, I still need to dry my clothes, but by the time I can get them it will be dark.  So, I'm planning to spend the night," Lightning said.
Hope blushed yet again, and had no intention of arguing, "Alright…um, I'll have the couch ready for you—"
"It's a pull out bed, right?  Couches are the worst to sleep on otherwise."
"Yeah, luckily—"
A soft click! was heard, it grabbed Lightning's attention immediately, "What was that?"
Hope listened for a few seconds, then recognized it, "Oh, that's the evening air conditioner turning on."
Lightning stood straight up, hugging her arms and trying to warm herself.  The cool air was quickly cooling the room, and with barely anything on, Lightning felt goosebumps go up her bare legs, and her chest had an even more unusual sensation.
Hope looked up at her, "Want me to turn it off?"
And now he wished he hadn't looked, and saw that her nipples were getting hard, poking right through the fabric of the shirt.  Hope's eyes were easily diverted to them, and he suffered as a result.  As soon as Lightning saw that he wasn't looking at her face, she looked down at her chest, got red in the face, and slapped Hope across the face.
The kid fell backwards, crying out in pain as if he had been hit by a harder than steel object.  His lower back hitting the edge of the hard wood desk as he brought his right hand to his face and saw Lightning storm off back upstairs.
"Why in the blue hell does this have to happen to ME!?"
Part 2 of 3 of my Lightning x Hope story.

Well, I finally got it done, after nearly two weeks of pissin' and moanin' and being stressed out.

Well, I just winged it with this chapter, and wanted to get it done ASAP, but I think it turned out okay.

Lightning and Hope (c) Square-Enix
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musicforhalflife Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012
Blue Hell? What?
Doomdragon Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Because you're a 16 year old adolescent boy in a fantasy world that's why, didn't you get the memo about how these things happen? Silly Hope...
billkaulitzlover3000 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol i don't get why he just didn't give here a clean towel!? But it was good of her to help him.
Freedom-Blade Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2011
Hey I think this is a great story can't wait for the final part.
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