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This was the last position Dakk Tribal thought he’d be in.

Hung up in  wires about a foot off the ground, pretty much immobilized, and trapped in an abandoned building with no help coming.  To top it off, his helmet and sword were on the ground in front of him.  He was pretty much dead meat it seemed.

As he looked around, Dakk noticed to no surprise that it was dark and  dusty, but there was a distinct smell of ashes in the air, which was bizarre in and of its own.  Dakk tried to worm himself out again, but  much like the last few times he tried it was the same.  He was tightly in place.  Stuck.

“And to think all I was doing was chasing a ‘strange looking person’ around the harbor.  I chase this person through the buildings and for some damn reason I end up pissing off the cops.  They mistake me for the person in question and send all sorts of crap at me, and the next thing I know, I fall through the floor and get all tied up.  Yup, my night is just dandy, alright,” Dakk complained.  He didn’t normally complain but when the night goes from standard to bad to worse, he had more than a simple right to rant.

Dakk's eyes  went wide when he suddenly fell to the ground.  He was able to land on  his knees; the wires that had been holding him up smacked his back.  He got to his feet, "Well, nice to hang around, but better get going before the boys in blue come looking for me."

Not that he was in trouble, just the unfortunate victim of misunderstanding which made the situation even more ridiculous.

Dakk  gathered up his items on the floor and put them back in place.  His  Slayer helmet was put back on his head and his sword was back in its  sheath on his left hip. The entire building was a warehouse and from  the looks of it in derelict condition.  The ceiling were caving in, the  walls were cracked and moldy and the floor were like walking on holey ground.

Dakk  carefully went through each room and he went down stairs.  Even though he was armed and protected by armor, Dakk couldn't help but feel a bit creeped out by the atmosphere.  The placed reeked of fire and tragedy. 

He went on and came to a long hallway--

--and was promptly shot at from the opposite end of said hall.

"Shoot!"  He dodged the bullets and hid behind the wall.  "Hey!  I'm a Slayer!"

No response save for another volley of fire.  The walls weren't really helping with blocking bullets, as Dakk felt more than one go through the  wood and plaster.  If it weren't for the helmet he wore, his head would have been riddled with them.  

Dakk was confused.  Cops normally gave out warnings or orders to surrender, these guys just fired  on him on sight pretty much.  With that behavior they weren't really doing their jobs were they? 

Dakk pulled his sword out and was ready to book it away from the spot when that familiar smell of burning  ash came to his nose again.  Being in a building that was in a fire a  long time ago the smell was going to be constant, but this was was a stronger smell.  Like newly burnt wood...which was out of place right now, but it was soon replaced with a much more unbearable smell that made the Slayer's stomach churn.

He then noticed something else.

The guns stopped firing, and he poked his head down the hall, seeing someone lying in the entrance to the hall.

He  stood up, sword in hand and slowly walked down the hall, the wooden floor creaking under his feet.  He reached the end of the hall and saw one body, a man, dead with a large scorch mark on his back.  It went past the Kevlar armor he wore and down his skin and into his innards.  Dakk had seen some bad stuff in his career, but this was sick already.

Not as much as it was in the next room, with three more  bodies all burnt to a crisp.  That was where the nasty smell came  from.  The men were armed with assault rifles, but from what their  clothes looked like they were not law-enforcement officers.  Not at all.

"Damn...what could have done this.?”

Then  it came again.  The ash-like stench, and Dakk looked straight  ahead and saw a woman with waist length grayish-white hair standing in the middle of the room, at least ten feet away from where he stood.   

Not saying a word, Dakk raised his left hand and pressed a  button his helmet.  "Scan object."  The circuitry in the helmet began its work and Dakk got a magnified view of whom or what he was looking at.

Though she had her back to him, he knew it was a woman because she wore a dress.  Well, one could call it a dress when it was in actuality a chain mesh fence shaped like a ball gown from old times except that it was open in the front and flowed unnaturally.  Dakk also saw that whoever she was had long legs that were white as snow, and she was barefoot.   She wore a black corset peppered with grey dots, along with tight lycra short shorts, and before he coul  say a word, she turned to slowly face him.   

From the front all Dakk could use to describe what he was seeing was a single word.


The corset this woman wore was tight, accentuating the fullness of her breasts.  In fact, Dakk couldn't help but admire her hourglass figure.  Her arms were covered from her elbow to her fingers in black lace gloves.  She wore nothing else, save for a mask that greatly resembled a white porcelain doll.  The features it showed, simple expressionless face, reminded him of  those creepy porcelain dolls that were in horror movies.  Nonetheless she was extremely attractive in his mind.

"Hey, what are you doing here?"

The strange woman said nothing, but from behind Dakk heard many footsteps and see the lights from multiple flashlights shining past him.

"Put your hands in the air!  Now!"

'Okay, now those are cops.'  Dakk thought sarcastically, raising his hands to his shoulders and turning around.  "You guys mind?  I know you have a job to do but would you please be kind enough to let me do mine?"

The slayer didn't think they'd actually listen to him, but he did distract them so he could quickly draw his sword and slice the upper portion of  the doorway.  This caused a controlled collapse that made the ceiling fall and effectively block the doorway.  

"That should keep them out, now, where were we?” Dakk turned around and noticed that the woman was  already beginning to run away.  He sighed, wondering how he always got  stuck chasing after strange women, before taking off after her.

He went up and up until he reached the roof.  He didn't have to  look far for the woman; she stood at the far end of the roof, standing  on the ledge looking right at the slayer.

"You better not be thinking of jumping on me, I still have questions for you to answer,"  Dakk said, ready to jump and grab her if she even looked as if she wanted to jump.

She moved slowly but gracefully, walking along  the ledge to her left, her face looking down at her feet before she  stopped and returned her gaze to Dakk.  She extended her hand, as if she was offering it to the Slayer.

Dakk smiled from within his helmet, "I take it you want to talk now.  Alright then--"

A shot rang out, and Dakk felt a sharp ping of pain go through his left  side just above his hip.  He shouted out and fell to a knee, his left hand grabbing where he was shot, and he could feel blood flowing from the wound.  "Dammit!  What the hell!?"  Turning his head to the door  leading downstairs, Dakk saw some men dressed in swat gear storming onto the roof.


There were at least a dozen or more of them, all in a straight line and armed with semi-automatic weapons.   Even as good as he was in terms of fighting Dakk was in no condition to  fight.  He was in even bigger trouble than before.  He looked back to  where the woman was standing but she somehow moved to stand next to him.   Sucking in a great amount of air, Dakk was able to stand up on his  feet, and he saw that the woman was looking right at him.  Being this close to her Dakk noticed that she smelled like freshly burnt firewood.   Her eyes were all black too, which he found to be slightly creepy.

"Looks like the end of the road here, sweetie," Dakk said, trying to make light of the fact that he was caught.

The woman still remained silent, but she raised her hand like she did before, and snapped her fingers.

What  happened next was that a large wall of flame came between herself,  Dakk, and the SWAT team.  The men started crying out in the sudden  appearance of the inferno and Dakk had to take a step back because of  the heat.

'That explains why she smells like ashes then,' Dakk thought.

It was too bad the wall of flame dissipated as quickly as it appeared, and the SWAT team promptly raised their guns, but Dakk grabbed the woman and, having no other clear ideas as to  what to do, they ran the few feet and promptly jumped over the ledge of  the building.

The SWAT team ran up to the ledge, looking over the edge to see nothing but an empty street twelve stories below.

Steering clear of the windows, Dakk kept a hold of the woman and hid in the shadows.  "That was close..."

He  kept one hand on the woman and his left hand was still covering his wound.  He was in pain, but he had to try and block it out.   He was also surprised that his acrobatics had not failed him up on the  roof.  He had jumped over the ledge, but he found a smaller ledge that  had just happened to be right under them.  Sneaking inside, Dakk had to  stop and count his lucky stars.  Any little mistake he would have been kissing his life goodbye.

"Guess I can call myself  lucky...again." Dakk said as he slid down the wall and sat on the  floor.  He took off his helmet and set it down.  Dakk  noticed that this side of the building had power as the lights were  still on, but the room was vacant.  Must have housed some homeless.

Dakk was taking quick breaths; he was in so much pain  that it was ridiculous.  The bleeding had slowed, but it was still painful.  "Still can't believe I got freakin' shot."

He closed  his eyes for a split second, and when he opened them again he saw the  woman standing over him right at his feet.  She was looking down at him  with her hands on her stomach.  This strange yet beautiful woman who  seemed to be able to control fire with her hands.  

Dakk was kind  of wondering why she hadn't taken off when she had had the chance.  He  wouldn't have been able to catch up to her in his condition, no way.   "So, what's up with the mask?  Got something you have to hide?"

As  silent as the grave, she remained quiet.  Instead she stepped over the  Slayer's legs and sat down, straddling his lap.  Dakk was wide eyed and  wasn't expecting that whatsoever.  "Eh...what do you think you are  doing?”

Her left hand went to his chin, one of her fingers  pressed against his lips, as if she was silencing him.  Her right hand  went to his left side, finding the hand that covered his gun wound.  She pulled it away with relative ease, somehow being strong enough to takes his hand away.  She raised her right hand again, and a fireball  appeared to hover above her palm.  She clenched her fist and the ball  disappeared.  When she opened her fist again, Dakk could hear the  sizzling and see the steam coming from her hand.

And for this  reason he kind of got the idea of what was going on, and he didn't  really like it at all.  However, he was pinned to the wall; he didn't  have any say in the matter.  'This is gonna hurt--'

Sure enough  it did.  When her hand touched his wound it was so painful he started  shouting out obscenities.Lol  Every word in the dictionary that he would  never say in front of others.  She wasn't even pressing on it, just lightly touching it.  Squirming under her weight, Dakk by reflex grabbed her wrist to try and pull her away, but as strong as he  was he couldn't get her to budge.  The wound was sizzling and smoking,  but it was sealed and it would be alright, too bad Dakk was going to be feeling it for quite awhile.

Not even a minute after it began, the woman pulled her hand away and Dakk slumped forward, too worn out to shout any more.  His head leaned on her left shoulder, his  breathing heavy, "Dammit, that hurt, but thanks."

His hand drifted off to his side, feeling along the floor for his sword, but  the woman grabbed his wrist, and even though it was not the hand that  she had used to seal his wound, it felt warm when it touched him it was  like a heater.

Dakk felt himself pushed back against the wall;  the woman's other hand pressing the center of his chest.  She was  stronger than she looked, such a person should not have been able to be  stronger than him, but Dakk wasn't exactly in the best position to  fight.

He was at her mercy, but he wasn't gonna be silent for  her.  "Better hurry up, princess. Do what you got to do so I can get  going."

The woman put her right hand under his chin and lift it up.  Her mask was almost touching the tip of Dakk's nose, and she was  looking into his blue eyes behind the black eyes of the white glass mask.

Her hand came up to her face and, slowly, pulled the mask off.

Dakk's  eyes went wide at what he saw.  From behind the porcelain mask he saw  what could only be described as pure beauty.  Slender and youthful, and as white as the rest of her body it was breathtaking.  Her lips were full, covered with a thin layer of black lipstick, cheeks  alight with pink blush, her eyes not as black as Dakk had thought  instead silver irises, but instead the whites of her eyes as black as night.

She laid her mask on the floor next to the Slayer's  helmet, and Dakk found himself captivated by this mysterious woman, who  he was now sure was not entirely--if she was at all--human.  His hands went to her hips and tried to push her off in an effort to protest, he  was unsure what she was going to do, if she was gonna hurt him or just  toy with him he didn't know.  All he did know was that he was unable to move, her strength far superior to his own as she held him in place.

He  watched her, looking for any sort of way he could at least attempt to  read what she was thinking.  He saw nothing that could give him an  answer.  

While searching for an answer, he noticed that she  reached for her corset, her slim fingers between her breasts, pulling  out a small tube.  A lipstick tube.  She opened it, using it to put a  fresh coat of black lipstick on her luscious lips.  She didn't take her  eyes off of the Slayer, not even when she put the vial back in between her breasts.

"What are you doing--” He never got to finish, since  he was soon met with silence the woman leaned in and her lips began  touching his.  It was so sudden that the Slayer wasn't able to do  anything but feel the softness of her lips.  The kiss was slow,  the silver eyed seductress was not rushing herself, and she was taking  her time with her captive.  Dakk was overcome by her body, and her scent  of fresh ashes.

Her lips were on his for a few seconds before  she parted from Dakk so he could breathe.  She also needed air, her  impressive chest heaving with each gulp of oxygen.  Her hands were on  his shoulders before going to his neck, she once again kissed him with  the same amount of fervor she had done before.  It didn't appear to be  lustful or rushed nor deliberate, instead slow and if one would believe  it to be passionate.  She gave a light moan of pleasure, the first sound  she had ever made in his presence, and she seemed to be enjoying what  she was doing. 

Dakk Tribal was taking it, not much choice in the matter as she had him pretty much immobilized.  After a few seconds she pulled back, Dakk's head back against the wall.  He was heaving from what one could call the one sided make out session.  He saw her  looking at him with those mystic silver eyes, appearing almost  child-like as she blinked once at the Slayer.  She leaned in, Dakk  thinking she was going for round two, but instead she went past his face  and went to his ear.

"You can call me Ashelia."

Dakk's  eyes moved along with the woman, Ashelia as she called herself, as she  leaned back and ran a hand from his chest to his cheek and then to his  chin, making him look up at her.

Her voice echoed in his mind,  "My debt is not yet paid."  She finally started to stand up, feeling  started to return to Dakk's legs since she had been sitting on them for  an untold amount of minutes.  Ashelia stepped back a few feet and turned  away as the Slayer got to his feet.  Dakk was clutching his left side,  the pain still apparent and he was nearly hunched over to help deal with  it, using his sword like a cane.

"Debt?  What do you mean?"

Ashelia  kept on walking, her bare feet kicking up debris on the floor as she  walked.  She walked gracefully before she turned around, her mask in her right hand, "I hope we meet again, Slayer."  

With her free hand she blew him a kiss, and put her mask back on her lovely face.

Dakk bent down to pick up his helmet, and when he stood back up he saw that Ashelia was gone.  Not exactly knowing what was going on, the Slayer wiped his lips with his wrist, noticing that he had a mixture of grey ash and smudges from the strange woman's lipstick.  The Slayer smirked, no real reason to do so as he had failed to apprehend the  stranger he had been after hours before, and this Ashelia had fit the description of 'strange'.

Dakk Tribal, demon slayer of the Order of Magdalene
Ashelia, the Porcelain Princess

This story took me three days to do, but it was well worth it in my opinion.

This story marks the debut of one of my more favorite original characters: Ashelia, the Porcelain Princess. Her appearance was modeled after a porcelain china doll with Gothic features. I can't wait to do a drawing of her. For those of you who want to know, I modeled her face from the actress Amanda Seyfried (Jennifer's Body, Red Riding Hood), one of my favorite actresses in Hollywood. I wanted her to appear seductive, and I hope I accomplished it.

All characters in involved belong to me.
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